IT Risk Register Database Template

IT Risk Register Database Templtate
Download Free IT Risk Register Database Template used as part of IT Risk Management process. This Risk Register help you to define and manage IT risk in your company.

1. Risk
- Failure to deliver
- New process not in place
- Programme becomes unviable
- Failure to take the opportunity to
- Building refurbishment delayed

2. Implication
- Inability to achieve
- Slow turnaround and delays to data entry
- Income shortfall and need to reassign staff
- Slower progress on and increased pressure from competitors
- Teaching space not available for start of semester, reputational hit

3. Significance
4. Likelihood
5. Risk Score (Gross)

6. Mitigating actions
7. By whom?
8. By when Residual Score
9. Risk State
10. Contingency Plan

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